Sunday, March 6, 2011

Candle Holders

I am sure you have seen these candle holders all over blog land here is my version. 

I bought 3 vases in 2 different sizes and 3 candle holders in the same same from Dollar Tree. I glued the candle holder to the bottom of the vases. I used super glue because it is what I had and I am cheap. Please note that it causes a whitish haze around the candle holder where the glue was. That was totally fine with me because I don't plan on leaving them empty ever so it will be covered up and no one will ever notice it. I promise. If you don't want the haze you will need to use E6000 glue.

Next, came the candles. I could not find candles in 2 different sizes that did not cost a fortune. So, after an exhaustive search I bought 3 candles of the same size at Dollar General for $1 each. They were way to small but I knew I could think of away to fill the space below the candle and hide it with the split peas I had intended to use. I thought I could use bathroom cups and cut to size when I remembered I had these "party cups" in my craft supplies I had gotten at Dollar General for painting because I thought they were neat.  Anyway, I  hot glued 2 together for the shortest ones and 3 for the tallest one. I sat the candle on top and used my finger to hold it in place while pouring the split peas in.


  1. I have yet to make any of these. Yours turned out great. Love that you added split peas. What a fun and simple project.