Tuesday, March 22, 2011

$5 Outdoor Furniture Makeover

Here is my hand-me-down bench before. I am glad to have it. Don't get me wrong. Some people can pull of the retro look. I am not one of them. My only choice for a fabric store is Hobby Lobby and this one doesn't carry outdoor fabric. Not to mention the fact that I just started sewing and a kindergartener could probably do better. I needed an easy solution. One that didn't involve measuring and math skills or pinning. Then it hit me like a ton if bricks while shopping at WalMart. Where else? A fabric lined outdoor tablecloth for $5.  I just cut it up and wrapped each cushion like a present and hot glued it on. Less than 5 minutes. SWEET!! I was pretty proud. Then I thought it needed something so I had just cleaned out my son's closet and was so sad that 2 shirts no longer fit and really wished I could do something with them. Pillows for the bench? I just turned them inside out and made a seam at the top and bottom (without pinning or cutting first, sorry Mom) trimmed off the excess and then unbuttomed them and turned them right side out. I stuffed them with WalMart sacks. My genius son said let's put a big rock in them so they won't blow away and then I buttoned them back up. The bench looks so much better and now every time I see it I see that sweet little boy in those 2 shirts too.

Friday, March 18, 2011

TV Tray Table Revamp

This was just your plain tv tray table that I have had forever. They came in a set of four. Although, I think now WalMart sells them individually. I did not sand it first because I wanted it to have character. I spray it with Krylon Ocean Blue. After it dried I sanded some of it off around the edges and in various spots. I printed the letter B off of my computer on regular paper and had my son color a big square around the backside of the B with a lead pencil.  I laid the B facing up on the top of the table and traced it. Where he had colored came off when I traced so now I had my outline. I traced over it wil a fine tip sharpie and then filled it in by hand with black paint. Simple and quick project. Everyone that comes over loves it and wants to know how I did it.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Candle Holders

I am sure you have seen these candle holders all over blog land here is my version. 

I bought 3 vases in 2 different sizes and 3 candle holders in the same same from Dollar Tree. I glued the candle holder to the bottom of the vases. I used super glue because it is what I had and I am cheap. Please note that it causes a whitish haze around the candle holder where the glue was. That was totally fine with me because I don't plan on leaving them empty ever so it will be covered up and no one will ever notice it. I promise. If you don't want the haze you will need to use E6000 glue.

Next, came the candles. I could not find candles in 2 different sizes that did not cost a fortune. So, after an exhaustive search I bought 3 candles of the same size at Dollar General for $1 each. They were way to small but I knew I could think of away to fill the space below the candle and hide it with the split peas I had intended to use. I thought I could use bathroom cups and cut to size when I remembered I had these "party cups" in my craft supplies I had gotten at Dollar General for painting because I thought they were neat.  Anyway, I  hot glued 2 together for the shortest ones and 3 for the tallest one. I sat the candle on top and used my finger to hold it in place while pouring the split peas in.

Friday, March 4, 2011


This is my first blog post. I have debated what to write about for some time. I decided to tell you why I picked the title for my blog. I am a self proclaimed Super Mom. I hadn't planned on being a one. In fact, I remember the brat that I was 20 years cringing at the thought of having a child. I remember telling my home economics teachers what a waste of time her classes were because I wasn't going to be a homemaker. Funny how things turn out. I grew up with a Super Mom so I knew how to do it. After I got married I was a terrible housewife. Then when I got pregnant I realized someone would be calling me mom. My mom didn't do those things for me because she had to. She made memories. Good memories. I wanted my child to have good memories. Great memories. At some point I remembered the class party from 3rd grade. My mom was not room mother that year. Instead of goody bags we were given Cousin It dolls made from 2 liter Coke bottles and yarn. I remember that doll to this day. I am scarred for life. Needless to say I have been room mother for my son's class every year so that he has not had to face the same horror that I did 30 years ago. Anyway, I have always taken things to an extreme so I have taken being a Super Mom to an extreme. Most people would think I am going overboard by making meals with colored themes and shapes on holidays but my son will always remember that about me. Although he is 9 years old now and no longer carries shapes sandwiches in his lunch box to school he still enjoys them at home. My nieces still get a kick out of shaped pancakes. We are always making something together and we are always making memories at the same time. If you don't think I am a Super Mom just ask my son he will be glad to tell you.